The Cupcake Conspiracy

Terrorism is Easy. Marriage is complicated.

by C.J. Ehrlich & Philip J. Kaplan

Full length comedy. 4 principals, 2 proteans. 


"A scrumptious diversion!" - examiner. com

"A femme fatale with the baking prowess of Martha Stewart

and the undercover skills of Mata Hari... 

Volatile, yet scrumptious, as twisted and mindblowing as slipping LSD into a Yoohoo" -


"If you don't like to laugh, if you are offended by sharp wit,

or if you have a problem with hilarity in general, don't see this play"

- Chris Cortinas Theatre Blog

"A farce with icing on top" - Sequim Gazette

“Cupcake” is a farce, yes, about dangerous desserts made at the Unibaker factory. But it's also

about how men and women, whether they're on a first date or married to each other,

have trouble truly seeing the people they're with." - Peninsula Daily News

Synopsis: When newly-separated Max decides to put his toes in the dating waters behind

his soon-to-be ex’s back, he finds himself up to his neck in a terrorist plot involving cupcakes.

Really evil cupcakes. Meanwhile his almost-date, Suzie, steps out with Alvin,  a man

of so many identities even he’s not sure who he is.  This could be the most exciting or 

dangerous night of Max's life, if he can keep up the ruse that he's the dread, sexy mastermind

"Bob X", foil Natasha's evil plot, and most important,  keep his wife from finding out!


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