The Maltese Babka

Join private investigator Jake Pantograph on a delightfully comic sally into the

world of noir, as he tries to track down a missing girl, a blackmailer, a one-of-a-kind black diamond necklace, a hot babka, and some ice for his drink. 

Full length comedy. 5 M, 5 F, plus extras if desired.

Winner: 2018 Women Are Funny award, Play-Makers Spokane  


When a femme fatale hires Jake Pantograph, private eye, to find her missing sister Mimi, his investigation leads him into a twisty maze of other mysteries wrapped in danger. How far will a socialite go to break up her son's engagement? Who's blackmailing the billionaire? What happened at the scanties-party on the yacht? Will the will be read on time? How many sides are there in a love triangle, when at least five people are involved? Can Jake make it through this tangle of suspects, seductions, red herrings, and off-kilter theories, to punish at least one bad guy? There won't be any black-and-white answers in this homage to the shapely characters, snappy innuendo, and sultry settings of film noir. 

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