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C.J. Ehrlich’s award-winning plays have enjoyed more than 200 productions and staged readings, in 33 US states, and internationally, in exotic locales such as Austin, Boston, Brooklyn, Chicago, Louisville, Milwaukee, Manhattan, Kealakekua, Kitchener (Ontario), Chennai (India), Seoul, Liverpool, Wogonga (Australia) and alongside the Panama Canal. Top of the wish list, Djibouti, Ypsilanti, and Pyongyang


Her plays are published in The Best American Short Plays of 2014-15 (Applause/Hal Leonard), seven Smith & Kraus Best Ten-Minute Plays anthologies between 2011-2018; by Heuer, and Rutledge. With a few clicks whisking you on an ethereal magic carpet, you can purchase them on Amazon (see Productions page for links). 


Recognitions include many Audience Choice and Best of Fest awards, Charles Getchell finalist, three Heideman Award finalists, Mountain Playhouse International Comedy Finalist, and more.


Other pursuits include travel, book editing, theatre administration, actorating, instructing impressionable youth in the fine art of the spit take, smashing computers for a paycheck, driving ambulances, appreciating the nuances of wet collodion on silver, moving from one place to another and back again, kibbitzing, kvetching and kvelling, and, perhaps closest to her heart, mentoring and hectoring.


On a hiatus right now from playwriting to pursue an MFA in Screenwriting, C.J. is a writer for the new web series, O'TownNY, starring the river town of Ossining. She's also writing a pilot, Ghostel, in which a teenager discovers her supernatural gifts when her family moves to a haunted house. Her screenplay Graduation is a thriller about a group of teens left behind after a field trip to an island, who discover they're not alone. And Stupid Voices from the Future answers the question, "What if the future called, but it was the wrong number?" 


C.J. has never been to Arkansas.


She currently resides in several parts of the northeast under various assumed identities. Fortunately, most of those files have been sealed. Enough said?

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Production royalties are minimal, based on ticket prices and size of house. 


For readings where no tickets are sold, and for certain fundraisers, royalties can be waived, in exchange for photos and a copy of the program. Either way, you must get written permission from the playwright before producing her work. 

2010 - present

2010 - present


Member: Dramatists Guild of America; International Center for Women Playwrights; Westchester Collaborative Theatre, Dramatists Guild Women's Initiative.

Prior Member: Philadelphia Dramatists Collective; Brooklyn Playwrights Collective, Chappaqua Drama Group (board).

Inaugural Class: Dramatists Guild Institute. 

MFA candidate, Screenwriting.

Certified: NYS EMT, CEVO Driver, Laser Safety Specialist.

Favorite Simpson's quote: "What IS your fascination with my forbidden closet of mystery?"

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Directing, producing, teaching 

Producer and/or Director: Westchester Collaborative Theatre, Incoming Tide Productions, Manhattan Theatre Source, Brooklyn Playwrights Collective, The Chappaqua Drama Group; Maynard High School (MA). 

Children's Workshop developer and/or leader:

     Playwriting, stop-motion animation, stagecraft, improv,  drama, theatre games. 

Co-Founder: Code Red Playwrights: #ENOUGH (plays for gunsense); Editor ALL TOO SHORT, an anthology of short plays celebrating lives cut short by gun violence

Creator and Producer of The Dewey Decimal Festival, and Dewey 2016: Election Edition, Chappaqua NY. 

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